back to the curd

so yesterdays subject matter didn't really match the entry. While in wisc we of course bought cheese curds and mozz string cheese. The curds are gone ( so good). We also bought summer sausage and something called an uncle larry's stick. It's a meat product. We stopped at a rest stop in Indiana today where we saw the first Asian people we had seen the entire trip. My girl and I had a rest stop picnic of cheese meat chips and pico di gallo and I took pics of butterflies while she freaked out about creepy crawliies. She has a fear of mainland bugs because they carry crazy diseases.

Oh on pretty much every menu in mid-America French fries are still being called American fries(really shouldn't we be over that by now). The weird thing is that french toast is still called French toast. I guess no one wouldk ow what American toast was or they would get American toast confused with toast. I guess patriotism only extends as far as side items but not main dishes.

Food here still sucks and I am dying for some Thai food or some sushi. My girl hasn't had rice in days.

We're still going strong and my girl is hot as ever. Plus I might get to shower two days in a row because we're going to have a long break at a truck stop Ohio. Oh the glamourous life.

My ass is a threat to homeland security

on my way 2 burly idaho ( hot name) then plover wisc. I plan 2 eat cheese at every meal in wisc.
Typing on the iphone is a bitch

Also though it is beautiful here I hate salt lake city. Funny thing happened at the airport which reminded me of a story I_dreamed told me. So I'm at the airport I'm salt lake and I left something on the plane so I had to go back thru security. I'm wearing a long purple sundress with an "ethnic" print and it's body skimming and low cut so I'm all boobies and ass. I'm feeling a little 2 much for slc but I'm seeing my girl so I gotta look hot. Anyway I'm going back through security and I get stopped for a pat down. I hear the male guard say to the female guard, there is something bulging under her dress, and I realize the bulge is just me...either my titties or my ass. Of course there was nothing there but my body was da bomb yesterday ( end tasteless and probably treasonous pun).

On the road again!

So I have a new girlfriend. She's a truck driver who handles a huge 18-wheeler. While she's driving she listens to Japanese language tapes and in her spare time practices the ukelele. She's extremely witty, and clever, and intelligent, and sexy as hell. "The Driver" is originally from Hawaii and of Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Portuguese ancestry. She has a 7-year-old daughter who lives in Alaska with her ex (who legally adopted the child). They have a cordial relationship and "The Driver" gets the daughter over the summer and provides full monetary support. I met her daughter briefly and she was sweet and imaginative and very polite.

And yes, after just a few days we dropped the L-word. It's been quick and intense and scary as hell, but I really do love this girl and want to make a future work with her. Crazy isn't it? No, really, it's crazy.

Here's where it gets crazier. I am going on the road with her for a couple of weeks -- me, one carryon, a computer (with only occasional net access), a camera, and a kitty-cat costume (don't ask), are going to live in a trailer and shower at truck stops for an undetermined period of time. Apparently there are betting pools on how long I will last, but while I'm acting crazy in love I might as well be hard-core about it.

Here's a picture of my pretty gf:
yup their real..oh the hair...right...yeah thats real too!!!lol

Femmecon was wonderful, especially meeting bias_cut and hanging out with chreebomb and chitinous. Performing for the femmes was the highlight of the weekend; they were the best audience ever.

I'll try to post from the road. I leave on Friday.

I'm gonna say it...

I HATE HATE that Katy Perry "I kissed a Girl" song. 1) Ummm yeah Jill Sobule already made that song like 10 years ago and 2)Way to reinforce's not subversive people.

Things I recently learned/realized....

1) My TV has a "half-mute" function which makes it really quiet but still audible. Haven't quite figured out the use of this function except maybe it is useful for multi-tasking, but I like it.

2) When you don't have cable, "Half&Half" isn't a bad show.

3) I recently decided (once again) that Neil Patrick Harris is a hot piece of ass. His brilliant stint on Password is what did it for me.

4) "Ain't no party like my Nana's tea party (hey,ho)" bonus points to those who get this reference without cheating

5) I could live back in B-more if it wasn't

Chicago Strip Joints

Aight femme-con-ers. I'm gonna turn 31 over femmecon weekend and I would like to make plans to have a wild time with my lj friends. I was thinking that if Chicago has decent strip clubs I would like to go to one (I think/hope the dancers would appreciate a bunch of hot femmes stopping by to say hello). If a good "queer-girl-friendly" strip club is not available than any kind of dancing wit da gayz is a brilliant plan.

I hope y'all will be willing to celebrate with me. If you know of any places to go, let me know. If you don't know, but are willing to come out with me, let me know and I will send an official evite closer to the date (8/15)

Also, chreebomb and chitinous, your panel is on my list of places I want to be.

P.S. What do y'all think about a sexy, campy, big hair act to "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful" from hairspray. I especially like the line "cuz big is back and black is beautiful"

An anti-racist call for self-healing

Taken from by by Carmen Van Kerckhove,/b>

A couple of weeks ago I found myself feeling really angry and rundown, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly was causing these emotions.

It was unusual for me because despite my Type A tendencies, I’m actually pretty laid-back. I’ve always been good at processing negative feelings (anger, sadness, resentment) quickly and getting them out of my system in order to move onto more productive pursuits.

I’ve written before about the importance of focusing on the human cost of racism instead of dealing only in abstractions, but an email I received from my friend Pamela Slim made me realize that I seem to have underestimated the impact of racism on my own psyche. Here’s what she wrote:

I believe very much that the work you are doing has an underlying role of healer. The history and related emotional energy that created race tensions today (slavery, genocide, rape, subjugation) is extremely deep and powerful. There is no way to do the work you do and not feel some of that energy. It is not for the faint of heart. And many, many people are afraid of it, whether they want to admit it or not.

Healers in my husband’s tradition do a lot to protect themselves and stay grounded in what they are doing. So make sure you always are kind to yourself, connected to your greater purpose and clear that what you are doing is facilitating this interaction, not controlling it. This may take the sting out of taking things personally.

Many, many people from different backgrounds are thankful that you are doing this work on their behalf. Visualize their faces and hands on your back when you feel down. Trust me, they are there.


I am an "esteemed artist"


See y'all at Femmecon...actually you'll see me in all my titty glory. I'm going to need act advice. I got a couple of ideas.

Dear Esteemed Artists,
It is with great pleasure that I write to invite you to participate in my favorite of the three shows that will happen this year as part of Femme 2008: the dirty late night cabaret. (Note that this is not the official title! This will be thought up and announced soon!)

In thinking about the shows I wanted to produce for Femme 2008, it was my vision to have a wild late night cabaret featuring brilliant artists from all over the country presenting work of definitely a night time nature (burlesque, mystery, magic, crazy tricks, etc). Your submissions were highly regarded by the Performance Committee, and definitely fit the bill for the late night cabaret!

Here are the details. The show will take place at 11pm at The Empty Bottle (1035 N Western Ave in Chicago) and will run for a little over an hour in length.